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Wedding Trends We Hope Continue in 2023

Photo Credit : Chandra's Collection Photography

Trends in the wedding world influence a lot of our couples design and planning process. Like many wedding planners, we have our favorite trends and ones we aren’t so fond of. 2022 was iconic for new and unique wedding trends and it would be a shame if they didn’t continue into the New Year and while we’re excited for new trends to emerge, we’re just not ready to let these ones go yet.

Photo Credit : David C Allen Photography

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses - This one speaks for itself. Different prints, textures, styles, etc. It also allows your girls to choose a dress they’d likely wear again. The controlled chaos is a beautiful touch.

Photo Credit : Madi Wagnor Photography

Dramatic veils - We love a good dramatic moment and these custom veils are POPPING OFF. From pearls to sentimental touches like using your mother’s wedding dress fabric to colored veils, we’re loving it. I’m quietly waiting for the Parent Trap top hat veil to make an appearance, if you know you know.

Photo Credit : Suarez Creative

Bud Vase Centerpieces - This minimalistic centerpiece gives tasteful and classy vibes. It can also save you thousands of dollars and you’re in luck, The Perfect Day has many different sizes and colors available for rent.

Photo Credit : Moody Bleu Photography

Cocktail Activities - A great way to spice up your cocktail hour is with interactive activities or entertainment. We’ve seen beer burros, mariachi bands, live painters, cigar rollers, etc. and we’ve been brainstorming on fun new ways to keep your guests engaged.

Photo Credit : Under The Sun Photography

Outfit change - Conflicted on the style of dress you want for the wedding? Wear both. It’ll add diversity to your wedding photos and bring you more comfort on the dance floor!

Photo Credit : Lauren Crumpler Photography

Dessert Tables - Wedding cake has become less and less popular over the years and couples have been offering a variety of desserts for their guests. We’ve seen churros, tarts, the ever so popular donut, and even homecooked goods. Click here to read about the most popular desserts at weddings!

Photo Credit : Lauren Crumpler Photography

Disco Balls - Disco balls scream retro, vintage, and fun! We cannot get enough of the sparkles and there are so many ways you can incorporate them into your design.

Photo Credit : Cristina Soto Photography

Colorful Wedding Attire - It’s a bold move, but more couples are stepping outside the norm and going for colorful suits and dresses. It’s unique and fun, and we’re here for it!

Photo Credit : Moody Bleu Photography

Custom felt hats - Stop at a hat store in Fredericksburg or Nashville on your bachelorette party and customize a hat. Add your wedding date, future name, pearls, ribbons, or something blue, make it truly custom to your special day. Best part is that you don’t just have to wear it on your wedding day.

Photo Credit : Lauren Crumpler Photography

Lounge Sets - Lounge sets are a great for guests to sip drinks during cocktail hour, use as a photo op, or get away from reception chaos. TPD has multiple lounge sets to choose from to fit your wedding vibe!

Photo Credit : Jen Z Photography

Statement Bouquets - Bouquets have become a signature accessory to brides. Statement bouquets don’t have to be a huge arrangement. They can include bright or meaningful blooms and unique elements that make it POP.

Photo Credit : Devin Sisk Photography

Whatever the trend may be, The Perfect Day team is here to help execute in the most flawless way. We’re constantly brainstorming new ways to help make our couple’s wedding day memorable and stand out! If you need help bringing your vision to life, contact us at INFO@THEPERFECTDAYNB.COM to get the ball rolling!


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