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Wedding Desserts That Leave No Crumbs

Photo Credit: Jen Z Photography

Not a fan of wedding cake? You’re not alone! Wedding cake is a controversial subject but the truth is, it’s becoming a thing of the past and couples are leaning more towards non traditional options. We’ve seen more couples skip the large tiered cake and opt for a dessert bar instead. Here are some wedding cake alternatives that you won’t end up tossing at the end of the night.

1. Cannoli's

Cannolis are a sweet Italian pastry that get overlooked too often. They are a fun, unique dessert that you can fill with many different flavors. Not sure where to get them? Cake’s Couture has the best!

2. Bundt Cakes

We've seen many couples opt for a wedding bundt cake or mini bundt cakes and they are a hit. Bundt cakes are an affordable alternative and their rich flavor is a huge crowd pleaser.

Photo Credit: Walk The Line Photography

3. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries are a romantic sweet dessert to offer your guests. You can dip them in milk or white chocolate and dust them with gold for a nice accent.

4. Churros

Who doesn’t love fried dough dusted with sugar and cinnamon. These are best served warm with a caramel or chocolate dipping sauce on the side. YUM.

Photo Credit: Jeri Renee Photography

5. Macarons

We're seeing more macarons at weddings and I AM HERE FOR IT. These round French cookies come in many different bright colors and flavors. They are perfect for adding a little elegance to your wedding day.

6. Donuts (or Doughnuts!)

Donuts are pretty popular, but for good reason! They are budget friendly and come in many different varieties. They’re perfect for on the go guests that want to eat and hit the dance floor. They also come in handy for the day after brunch, if there's any left!

Photo Credit: Limelight Photography

7. Truffles

Truffles are dangerously delicious. This bite sized treat is super easy to pop in your mouth and enjoy! And that’s exactly what you’ll find all of your guests doing!

8. Mini Pies

Pies are super nostalgic and remind me of the holidays. The different pie fillings are endless and are perfect for fall weddings. Grab your grandma’s recipe or hire a local baker like Naeglins, their nanny’s pie is to die for!

Photo Credit: Moody Bleu Photography

9. Tarts

Fruit tarts can add diversity to your dessert bar. They’re perfect if you like that idea of pies, but want a more sophisticated look. They’re perfect for guests who don’t like chocolate and give a nice refreshing taste.

10. Personalized M&Ms

Personalized M&Ms are a fun way to display your wedding colors. Customize them with your wedding date or photo of your dog. Either way, your guest will love them and they can double as a favor.

Photo Credit: Eyeronic Love Photography

You don’t have to be restricted to cake on your wedding day. We can help you personalize your love story with your desserts. Not sure where to start? Contact The Perfect Day for our recommendations.

Photo Credit: Reagan Adams


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