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Our Favorite Non Traditional Wedding Ideas

There's nothing wrong with going the traditional route, but times are changing! There are no rules and expectations when it comes to 2023 weddings. In fact, incorporating unique and alternative ideas makes your wedding a little more personal and special. So, take a look at our list of our favorite unique wedding ideas.

Photo Credit: Mayra Eads Photography

Unconventional Wedding Venue - I love seeing couples choose amazing places to tie the knot such as museums, ranches, national parks, and even caves. Yes, you heard that right! This wedding pictured above was at a New Braunfels hidden gem called Sophie's Gasthaus.

Photo Credit: 1836 Photographie

Unity Shot - There’s nothing better than getting rid of wedding day jitters by taking a shot with your new husband/wife. Prost!

Photo Credit : Cristina Soto Photography

Leaving your first row open for your bridal party - Traditionally your wedding party stands beside you during the ceremony, but think about leaving the first row open so your favorite people can sit and enjoy the moment with a better view.

Photo Credit: George Street Photo

Colored Dress - When I tell you that a colored dress is literally a showstopper, I am not exaggerating! Most of the time, your guests are not expecting it so it's fun seeing and hearing people's reactions.

Photo Credit : Wolf Heart Weddings

Wedding Entertainment - A great way for your guests to stay engaged and excited is by providing live entertainment or activities such as a hat branding station, live music, cigar rolling station, or a dance performance like the one pictured above.

Photo Credit : Allison Jeffers Photography

Incorporating Cultural Customs - Every culture has specific traditions that can bring luck, prosperity, and fun. This couple decided to honor their New Orleans heritage and lead a second line into their reception!

Photo Credit : Cristina Soto Photography

Walk down the aisle alone - There is no wrong or right way to walk down the aisle and we've seen so many different ways - with mom, dad and stepdad, both parents, maybe your child, etc. But I cannot think of a more bold and memorable moment than escort yourself! If Meghan Markle can do it, so can you!

Photo Credit : David C Allen Photography

Include Fido - This is probably the crowd favorite, I know it's mine! Just make sure to clear it with your venue first. Click here for other ways to incorporate your pup.

Photo Credit : Wolf Heart Weddings

Keep the party going - If you're feeling up for it, keep the party going after the wedding ends. Make arrangements at a friend or family member's house and have an after party! The picture above is a casino themed after party hosted at The Redberry Estate.

Photo Credit : Alyssa Denson Photography

This list could go on forever. We love seeing the new ideas y'all come up with and how special it makes the day. If you need any help bringing your vision to life, contact The Perfect Day at 830-632-5162.


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