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Ways to Incorporate Your Pup on Your Wedding Day

CALLING ALL DOG LOVERS! Dogs become more than just a pet, they’re family and if you love your pup just as much as we love ours, you’re probably wondering how you can incorporate your fur baby on your wedding day. First things first, check with your venue to see if your four-legged friend is allowed on site. Then consider your dog’s temperament. Are they trained? Good with large crowds? If your dog gets anxious easily, it’s better to spare them the anxiety and honor them in different ways. If your pup is well behaved and ready to roll, here are our favorite ways to include them in your big day.

Photo Credit: Harper Blankenship Photography

  • Name them as “Best Dog”, “Flower Dog” or “Dog of Honor”.

As if the title isn't cute enough, giving your pup a role on your wedding day adds a sweet personal touch. Don't forget to add Fido to the program and wedding website so your guests know to expect your dog the day of your wedding.

  • Include them in wedding day photos.

Think about doing a first look with your doggo. You can definitely expect an excited reaction from them! Don't forget to bring treats or toys to grab your dog's attention.

  • Have them "wag" down the aisle.

A super special way to include your dog is to have them walk in the processional. Make sure to assign someone to walk with them and don't forget a cute bow tie and a neutral colored leash!

Photo Credit: Nikk Nguyen Photo

If you've decided against bringing your pup, that's okay! Dogs can be a handful and, at times, unpredictable. Spare yourself the added stress and feature them in different ways. Here are some cute pet inspired wedding ideas that your guests will love.

  • Name a cocktail after them.

Signature cocktails have become quite popular and what's cuter than naming a drink after them? Add some matching cocktail napkins that say "wipe your paws" or a koozie with your dog's outline.

  • Doggie desserts.

Whether it be customized decorative sugar cookies with your dog on it, a doggie cake topper that may have already dug into your cake, or dog treats for your guests to take to their fur baby. Why not honor your dog with their favorite thing? FOOD.

  • Include them in stationary.

If you take your engagement photos with your dog, pick one for your save the date! Or include photos of your dog as your table numbers. If you wanna go all out, get a cardboard cutout of your canine and use it as a photobooth prop, so your guests can have a picture with your dog too!

Photo Credit: Nikk Nguyen Photo

Consider featuring other pups and reach out to your local animal shelter. Ask them to bring a couple dogs for adoption to mingle with your guests during cocktail hour. Maybe one of them can find a furever home! If you need more help planning your wedding, reach out to The Perfect Day! We can help coordinate your dog into your wedding. Call the office at 830-632-5162 to learn more information!


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