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Why you don't want a "Day of Coordinator"

You’re newly engaged and you’re probably thinking “Where do I even start?” but before you start googling day of coordinators, hear me out on why you might need more help than just the day of.

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You’ve been planning your big day for months, maybe even longer. Why would you want someone there only for the day of? Day of coordinators that are willing to step into a large event not knowing every detail is a huge concern. Your wedding day deserves investment, thought, care, time, and someone who knows exactly what is going on.

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One of the main reasons to hire professional help is so you can have a stress free morning with your friends and family. An important step in planning is communicating with vendors ahead of time about timeline planning, logistics, and arrival times. With a wedding planner, this will be taken care of prior to your wedding day so there's no discrepancies the day of. It’s possible that your day of coordinator will interrupt your morning with questions since they were not a part of the wedding preparation.

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We recommend month of coordination at the bare minimum. This is so we can get familiar with you, your wedding, and vendors. With our month of coordination package, you can expect -

  • An initial meeting to discuss all of the details of your wedding

  • Detailed Timeline and Layout

  • 30 Day Venue Walkthrough

  • Vendor Communication and Confirmation

  • Ceremony Rehearsal

  • Execution of Wedding Day

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One of the best parts of being a wedding planner is getting to know our couples, it makes the experience more personal for both parties. It is also important for us to understand your vision and expectations in case we need to make game day decisions without bothering you.

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Wedding planning can be stressful but let us help you! We offer full planning, partial planning, and month of coordination. Here at The Perfect Day, we strive to exemplify excellent quality of work and dedication to our clients. It is crucial to us that we make your wedding day as smooth and PERFECT as possible. Email us at so you can live your best stress-free life.


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