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What Your Favorite Style Bouquet Says About You

Classic All White - You are very organized and you've probably been planning your wedding since you were a little girl. You love timeless, traditions, and a classic crisp look.

Photo Credit: Under The Sun Photography

Romantic Garden - It's very likely that you're about to marry your high school sweetheart! Florals are obviously super important, but the most important thing to you is celebrating you and your new hubby!

Photo Credit: Chandra's Collection Photography

Pretty and Pink - You're most likely getting married in the spring time and your bridesmaids are wearing blush pink dresses and the boys are in grey suits. You're a true girly girl with a light hearted and playful spirit.

Photo Credit: KD Captures

Dark & Moody - You love the dramatic look and may have opted for a fall wedding. Bold colors for a bold gal. You'll probably deliver raw, emotional vows while still being sincere and romantic.

Photo Credit: George Street Photography

Western Boho - You may have grown up in a small town on a ranch. You most likely will be accessorizing with turquoise and will definitely be incorporating family heirloom/traditions on your wedding day.

Photo Credit: Devin Sisk Photography

Boho - You're a creative soul and you love playing with different textures and patterns. You're a earthy girl with a hint of glam. You're all about the details and have put a lot of thought into everything.

Photo Credit: Moody Bleu

Tropical Disco - You're a cool gal. You love all the trends but, you appreciate the unique things in life and you're probably wanting a fun party rather than a traditional wedding.

Photo Credit: Lauren Crumpler Photography

Vibrant - You're probably very opinionated but don't care what others think. You love variety but may struggle when making a decision. You want your day to be exactly what you envisioned and it will be!

Photo Credit: Jen Z Photography

Wildflower - You're a true free spirit and the opposite of a bridezilla. You have a whimsical vibe and want a fairytale wedding. The most important thing to you is marrying your bestie!

Photo Credit: Albert Suarez

Greenery -You fiancé probably proposed to you on a hike or in nature. You have an unconventional way of doing things and you care about the vibe of your wedding.

Photo Credit: Lauren Bosse Photography

Dried Florals - You're wedding playlist is probably poppin'. You love all things neutrals and pampas grass. You're a chill girl but you still care about things being neat and organized.

Photo Credit: Karly & Co. Photography

White & Greenery - You're a down to earth bride with good taste. Your fiancé has probably been super helpful through the planning process and you both are ready to party and have the time of your lives.

Photo Credit: Epic Productions

All the bouquets pictured above are designed and assembled by The Perfect Day's floral team. We are constantly brainstorming new ideas and arrangements to bring to life. Let us help you make your floral dreams come true. Contact us today at and we will send you a floral questionnaire to get you started.


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