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TAYLOR & IAN'S WEDDING - May 19, 2019

Meet Taylor and Ian! They were married on May 19, 2019 at The Landmark in New Braunfels, TX with a reception at Water 2 Wine.

"Our love story isn’t entirely traditional, but to me it’s like a fairytale. It was the closest thing that I think there is to love at first sight. The first time I told Taylor I loved her, I freaked out and ran out the door to go to work because I said it on accident. That was about two weeks into us dating and to this day I’m thankful that me freaking out about saying it and trying to take it back didn’t scare her off. She would say that I’ve grown from a rock with no emotions to occasionally having some to show, but even with me not being a very well-spoken guy I can genuinely say that I love her more than words can describe and that I’m glad that we started making plans to hang out on our wrap around porch when we’re old. We LOVED the arch! It was beautiful, fit in well with our odd space, and was really easy for the boys to put together. It was really the best thing we could’ve gone with and thank you for allowing us to use it!"


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