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Can you believe that we were able to squeeze in a wedding the last day before quarantine? Well we were, and it was a beautiful site out at Riding River Ranch in Leakey, TX. We had no cell phone signal, no stores, no restaurants, no outside world to pull off a wedding after a terrible rain storm in the morning and quarantine starting at midnight. Check our Seth & Angeline's incredible story.

We both went to the same high school, but we didn't end up meeting until after he graduated. During the summer, the high school had open gym and we both went up there to play volleyball. We were playing on the same team when we both went up to block. His elbow came down on my face and busted my lip. It started gushing blood! Ha not really, it was just a little bit... it felt like a lot though. If you were to ask Seth, he would say it was me who jumped into his elbow (eye roll).

Heather did an awesome job! She was always available to answer any random questions I had and was pretty quick in her responses. The wedding had a couple curve balls thrown at it the week before and Heather handled it in stride. Her assurance through the whole situation helped me stay calm and not stress out as much as I could have. She checked double and triple checked in with all vendors and made sure they were all on the same page. She made sure that everything was perfect on the wedding day. Shout out to her husband for all the work he did on the wedding day as well! 10/10 stars. Definitely will recommend to everyone I know who is getting married.


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