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Newly Engaged? Here’s What To Do Next!

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

First off, congratulations! Take this time to celebrate, appreciate the moment, and share it with your friends and family. You are finally a fiancé and during your engagement is the only time you will be able to call each other that, so soak it all in because it’ll go by fast! Wedding planning can be stressful, but The Perfect Day is here to help! Once you are ready to jump into wedding planning, take a deep breath, and follow our tips below to start planning your perfect day.

  • Discuss wedding and life priorities with each other.

Communication is key to a happy marriage so the first step is to sit down with your fiancé and discuss details to make sure you both are on the same page. It's important to talk about legal and financial changes that can take place before and after the wedding such as sharing finances, changing your name, expanding your family, etc. When you book TPD for planning or coordination, one of the first things our couple's receive are detailed, financial and name change steps that will help make the process easier. Then, ask each other questions like what is our budget? Where will it be? Do you want a big or a small celebration? What do WE want?

  • Set a date and book your venue.

First decide the time of year you'd like to get married. Spring is light and airy, full of color and garden style blooms. If you're in Texas, summers can be hot and your venue choices can be limited as you might want to opt for an all indoor wedding. Fall is super popular, so venues and vendors availability might be limited, but for good reason. The cooler weather, outdoor foliage, and moodier color palette is chef's kiss. Winter weddings are underrated. Who doesn't love emerald green, velvet, and a fur shawl? You'll give glamourous vibes and it's likely that you'll save money doing it. So, choose your #1 wedding date and have a backup date just in case your dream venue is already booked that day.

  • Get organized.

It's smart to create a wedding email as this will be your main source of communication for your vendors and venue. Now it's time to PIN IT UP. You've probably been adding to your wedding pinterest board since you were young, but it's time to decide your vibe and create your vision. If you need help bringing your vision to life or if you don't know where to start, don't worry. WE GOT YOU. As a planning client, we present a design concept that goes over all decor, florals, centerpieces, etc. We make sure it fits your vision. Then we bring you in for a showroom meeting to visualize tablescapes and decor together on our full size 60" round table. Our wedding planners will keep you on track and make sure you're not forgetting anything on your big day.

  • Ask your bridal party.

The hard part is deciding who you want by your side and asking yourself -Can I count on them for support? Take your time on this one. Weddings can be stressful and the people you choose will most likely be helping you with wedding tasks. Being in a wedding is also a huge financial responsibility, so make sure to clarify what you expect from your besties. Remember that more isn't always merrier. The fun part is asking them! Bridal party proposal boxes can be personal and a fun way to get them pumped and show your appreciation. Our sister company, Engaged Extras, has cute swag for you and your best friends. Shop our boutique here .

After you've taken care of the first steps, then you'll be ready to dive into wedding planning. Our planners can guide you through the whole process, step by step. Contact The Perfect Day at 830-632-5162 to set up a consult call and we can get the ball rolling! Cheers and happy planning!


Couple: Lillian & Jerald

Engaged: October 15th, 2021

Married: December 9th, 2022

Planning & Coordination: The Perfect Day

Photographer: Cristina Soto Photography


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