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Jen + Kipp's Colorful Spring Wedding at The Preserve at Canyon Lake | 04/28/2024

Colorful Spring Wedding

When we got the gallery back from Jen and Kipp's colorful, spring wedding at The Preserve at Canyon Lake, we knew the world deserved to see these two. Try finding a picture where Jen isn't smiling, I dare you. They wanted a simple, but epic party to celebrate the start of their lives together and they got just that.

The Details:

April 28, 2024 was an absolutely beautiful day after a weekend of rainy weather. The couple wanted a colorful spring wedding full of beautiful flowers and candle lighting. Jen and Kipp met while they were both attending college at Texas A&M so it goes without saying they had their aggie rings photographed and included the Aggie War hymn during their reception.

In addition, the couple chose to incorporate sentimental mementos into their big day such as a swatch of Jen's mother's wedding dress tied into a bow on their card basket. One of what we can easily say was the coolest details of their wedding, was their getaway car which Kipp's parents used years before to depart from their wedding.

The Ceremony:

Jen and Kipp wanted their celebration to reflect their love story—sweet, genuine, and full of joy. One of our favorite things to ask the Father of the Bride and the Groom on the wedding day is "Are you going to cry?" Whether that be during first look or when she walks down, it is always interesting to hear how they feel they'll react and then see it play out in real life. Both Jen's dad and Kipp said they weren't big criers, and that wasn't how their relationship was and that they were more the grinning ear to ear type. Spoiler alert, they both cried.

The Couple:

Kipp and Jen are easily one of the most down-to-earth, laid back couples we have had the honor of working with. In our initial meeting, we asked them "What is the most important part of your wedding day to you?" And Kipp's answer was "I just want to marry her" *cue the tears*

The Party:

When we talked about what they envisioned for their reception, Jen and Kipp said they wanted a laid back experience with an epic dance party. Their dance floor was packed all night long, and they even had a "re-proposal" when Kipp got down on one knee to Taylor Swift's "Love Story".