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5 Wedding Trends to Look Out For in 2024

Our couple's never cease to amaze us with new and creative ideas. As we shift towards more unique ways to personalize weddings; traditions and obligations are taking a backseat. We're opting for more of a fun party style vibe with excitement and authenticity. As we're gearing up for our 2024 weddings, we are excited to share some trends that we believe will be popular in the new year.

Photo Credit: Mountaintop Films

Petal Send Off

A petal toss is a great eco-friendly option, even better it's classy and photographs well. Have your guests throw petals as you and your partner take your first steps as Mr. & Mrs. or at your send off at the end of the night! If you're looking for more of boho vibe, try dried florals or lavender.

Photo Credit: Allee Photography

Documentary Style Photography

Our couples are ditching the posed photos and going for more of candid vibe. No one wants to look back at their wedding photos and think it just looks trendy. Couples are going for more of a timeless, vintage aesthetic.

Photo Credit: Mountaintop Films

Bridal Headbands

Accessorizing on your wedding day is a must and bridal headbands are new to the scene. It's giving Blair Waldorf vibes and we're here for it. There are many different styles to choose from - a dainty tiara style, sparkly modern, colorful florals, or all the pearls. It is perfect for a chic, effortless look.

Photo Credit: For Love in the Light Photography

Bright Colors

If you're a bride who loves fun, vibrant color palettes. 2024 is your year to shine. Our team of planners and florists are LIVING for the bold color schemes. From peaches and pinks to raspberries and reds. Our design team can help execute your wedding visions and make sure everything looks cohesive and tasteful.

Photo Credit: Dani Quiroz Photography

Mini Reception Dresses

Probably my favorite trend, because who wouldn't want a dramatic outfit change? Although they're shorter in length, they are still glamorous. Our brides are stunning us with the most beautiful second ensembles. It's a great opportunity to get more comfortable and let loose on your dance floor.

We are so excited for what 2024 has to offer and we can't wait to help our couples thrive while wedding planning. The Perfect Day is here to help with any needs you may have whether that be design, logistics, finding the perfect vendors, or coming up with new ideas that are unique to you and your partner. Contact us today at 830-632-5162 and head to our Instagram (@theperfectdaynb) to see glimpses of our couple's perfect day.


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