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10 Tips To Be The Perfect Wedding Guest

Weddings are exciting, personal, and one of the most important days of the couple's lives. If you have been lucky enough to be invited to celebrate that moment with them, consider it an honor. But whether you've been to a lot of weddings or if it is your first time being a wedding guest, it's good to refresh on wedding guest etiquette and we're here to help! These tips will help you become the best guest ever!

Photo Credit: Emily Kimbro Photography

  • RSVP On Time - This is your first task after being invited. Rsvp by the date on the invitation but only if you're going to show up. Place settings, linens, etc. all depend on their guest count. For the couple to plan accordingly, please let them know if you're coming or not and don't forget to include any dietary restrictions.

  • Don't Ask to Bring a Guest/Kids - It was probably a hard decision for the couple to make, so be respectful if they decided against children and plus 1s. It is safe to assume the only people invited are the ones addressed on the invitation.

  • Don't Bother the Couple the Week of Their Wedding - This is an anxious time for the bride and groom, and we want them to stay cool, calm, and collected. So, if you have any questions for them, please refer to your invitation or wedding website. If that still doesn't answer your question, ask the maid of honor or a bridesmaid.

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  • Follow the Dress Code - It should be known not to wear white, but I'll remind you again. DON'T DO IT. It's the bride's day, not yours. If you're questioning an outfit, just go ahead and try again. Better to be safe than sorry.

  • Be On Time - There's nothing worse than creeping up to the ceremony mid-prayer or sliding in right before the bride enters. Be prepared and leave 10 minutes early to avoid that embarrassment.

Photo Credit: Lauren Crumpler Photography

  • No Phones During Ceremony - I will scream this from the top of my lungs - PUT AWAY YOUR CELL PHONES, CAMERAS, AND IPADS! The last thing the couple wants is their professional photographer capturing everyone's cell phone at the ceremony. Please put it away, I promise they will share it later.

  • Do Not Eat the Dessert/Cake Before It Has Been Cut - Give the couple a chance to cut their cake and photographer a chance to take a photo of the dessert table without holes/gaps where missing cookies and donuts should be. Please refer back to the bar, appetizers, and dinner you just had and wait a little longer, please.

  • Don't Talk During Toasts and Special Dances - Saying a speech and dancing in front of a hundred people is hard enough, but people chatting in the background makes it hard to concentrate and enjoy the special moment.

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  • Save the Family Drama for Another Time - Weddings are like a big family reunion in a way, which can be a good or bad thing. But it's best to save any unfinished family drama for another time and be supportive of the new bride and groom!

  • No Big Announcements - Unless cleared by the bride and groom, let's keep the attention and focus on them. They only get married once!

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Being a good wedding guest doesn't require a luxurious gift or a fancy outfit. Your attendance, support and manners are what matters the most. Visit our website for more tips and contact us today to help make your wedding day PERFECT.


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