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The First Kiss

The first kiss as newlyweds goes way beyond a schoolyard peck. It's one of the most anticipated and important moments of your life. A picture-perfect moment to treasure forever. The first kiss is your declaration to the world that you're finally married, and you want to make it good. Have you been practicing? Here are some tips to help you nail your first kiss.

Photo Credit: Eyeronic Love Photography

Practice, Practice, Practice!

It might seem silly practicing a kiss, but out of all the wedding prep, this might be the most fun! Decide if you want to do a dip, what you're going to do with your hands, visualize standing in front of your friends and family, and give each other the best kiss of your life.

Photo Credit: Alyssa Denson Photography

Ask Your Officiant to Step Out of the Way

Ask them to step aside for the first kiss so the picture is just you two. This is something to mention to your officiant when you have your planning meeting and during rehearsal you can practice where they will move to. If they forget on the wedding day, have your best man or maid of honor give them a nudge!

Photo Credit: Cristina Soto Photography

Hold Your Kiss Longer Than Usual

Don't be afraid to smile or laugh a little, but make sure to hold your kiss a little longer than normal so your photographer can get a good shot. For a sweet touch, add subtle little kisses after the main kiss.

Photo Credit: Lauren Crumpler Photography

Recessional Kiss

When exiting, don't forget to stop halfway and kiss again! Switch it up if you're feeling risky and do a different kiss than you did at the altar.

Photo Credit: Wolf Heart Weddings

If you forget the tips above, don't worry! We got you! The Perfect Day coordinator will go over all the important details at rehearsal, along with more tips on how to have a smooth ceremony. Click HERE to start planning your dream wedding and don't forget to practice that kiss!


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