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Pre & Post Wedding Festivities

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Congratulations on your engagement! Beyond the wedding itself, there are many other celebrations that surround you and your significant other. Weddings are like a marathon of events and excitement and it’s time to start considering and planning all of the fun festivities.

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Engagement Party - Just like the name suggests, this party is to celebrate your engagement. It is usually the first of many celebrations that honor the couple. Sometimes planned by your fiancé or a family member, this celebration can immediately follow the proposal or come 1 to 2 months after. Typically, close friends and family are invited and it is to officially announce your engagement.

Bridal Shower - The bridal shower is a gift giving party that honors and celebrates the bride. The bridal shower began when the father of a bride either didn't have the money for her daughter's dowry or didn't approve of the marriage. Friends of the bride would gather and bring gifts to compensate for the dowery and allow her to marry the man of her choosing. It is usually an intimate, cocktail style gathering, hosted by a bridesmaids or maid of honor where you and your guests enjoy a meal, mingle, and open presents. Some couples even opt for a couples shower.

Bridesmaid's Luncheon - Traditionally, the bride hosts this gathering for her bridal party. In some cases, this is where bride’s ask her friends or family to be a part of her special day and present them with gifts. It is an opportunity for the bride to thank her bridesmaids and maid of honor for being a part of her wedding planning journey.

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Bachelor & Bachelorette Party - Probably one of the more anticipated events. This weekend-long event celebrates the “last days of being single”. Where the groom and bride can celebrate with their wedding party and let loose separately, although group gatherings have become quite popular as well. Some popular destinations include Las Vegas, Scottsdale, Nashville, etc. If you need help planning fun activities for your bach party, we got you!

Welcome Party - A celebration that welcomes your out of town guests to officially kick off the wedding weekend! Hosting duties usually come from the bride and groom or the groom’s family. Think about keeping this event super casual so you can include all of your out of town guests.

Rehearsal Dinner - Rehearsal dinner usually follows directly after the wedding rehearsal the evening before the wedding. Commonly hosted by the groom’s family at a restaurant, immediate family and the bridal party gather for one last celebration before the big day!

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After Party - When your wedding ends, but you still wanna party! Some couples want to keep the energy going with an after party. No official invite needed and anyone that can still hang is welcome. Once you have your details mapped out (location, activities, drinks & food) Make sure to have your DJ announce your after party details.

Farewell Brunch - Depending on the vibe you’re going for (and if you’ve had a long night), consider a farewell brunch. This can be either a casual “grab and go” style, where your guests are able to say goodbye and also grab a coffee and donut for the road or more of a formal sit down brunch for one last celebration and a way to express your gratitude to them for joining you on your big day.

Honeymoon - Finally! The last celebration and probably the best! This one is just for you and your lover to relax, bond, and take in the newly married life and all the celebrations that surrounded it. Whether you went for an adventurous honeymoon, backpacking through Europe, or a more relaxing vibe, like an all inclusive resort in Cabo, you did it!

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The information above might seem overwhelming but don't worry, you can opt out of anything you don't want to do. If you're a bride that wants all of the celebrations, you've come to the right place! The Perfect Day can help you plan, decorate, and support you through all of these festivities. Contact us today at 830-632-5162!


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