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As a newly wed myself, I know that being engaged is supposed to be the happiest and most anxious time of your life... just counting down the days until you can walk down the aisle and say “I Do” to the love of your life. With the uncertainty in the world right now, it can seem so overwhelming and it can pull your spirits down easily. I am sure some tears have been shed and thoughts of “what will happen”, “why is this happening to me”, and “will I ever get my day” has swirled around your head more than once. I personally cannot imagine what you are going through… unless we have been in your shoes, I don’t think any of us can… BUT I’d love to help.

I sit here with a glass of wine on the porch with the perfect weather, thinking … man this is PERFECT wedding weather and then I think, how heart broken some couples may be to have had to postpone their Perfect Day. My heart breaks with you. As unfortunate as the world uncertainty is right now, there is nothing we can change about it… it is like the weather… you may be blessed with amazing weather on your wedding day or it may be raining (which is totally good luck). Why stress about the things we cannot control? Why bring that extra weight on your shoulders? Because when it comes to the bottom line, you cannot change it.

What you can control though are your feelings, your thoughts, your creativeness, and your love. So let’s discuss what you can do to make this the time of your life.

You can still have a date night. – Go out on your patio, go to a park, go somewhere, light a candle and get some Italian food. Date night is so special and important to keep alive while you are planning a wedding. You do not want to make your whole relationship task after task, take some time to fall in love again.

Play a game together. – Whether it be an outside game of volleyball against each other, a game of Life inside, or other games that can excite your relationship (let your imagination roll).

Talk about the future. – Plan trips, even if it is a camping trip to the lake, talking about buying a home together, or talking about starting a family – whether it be going to the animal shelter or all those babies you will fill the home with. Just lighten the mood… do not only talk about wedding planning or the uncertainty in times. We can roll with the punches and we will get passed this because your love will last a lifetime.

This IS the happiest time in your life because you are going to make it just that… until the happiest day of them all come along to when you say “I DO”.

Thanks for reading! Message us if you need any help with coordination, rentals, or mobile bars… or if you just need some advice.


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